Neuriva Brain Performance: Exclusive Review & Rating (2020)
Neuriva Original & Pro Formula Supplement Stephen

Neuriva Brain Performance: Exclusive Review & Rating (2020)

Neuriva: 7/10

Neuriva Plus: 8/10

Both Neuriva & Neuriva Plus are an approachable introduction into the world of nootropics. With straightforward ingredients & a credible company that makes them, Neuriva is an overall solid product.

Neuriva Brain Performance is an approachable introduction into nootropics because it combines:

  • Non-caffeinated ingredients (a.k.a stimulant free)
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Small number of ingredients
  • Reputable company that makes them
  • Come in both gummy & pill form
  • GMO Free & Vegetarian

Neuriva Ingredients

Neuriva Original Formula:

The original formula contains two main ingredients of coffee cherry through coffee fruit extract & phosphatidylserine.

Coffee Cherry

If you’re anything like me, you are probably curious about what in the world coffee cherry even is. It sounds like a rejected Coca Cola flavor more than an ingredient for a nootropic. Schiff, the company that makes Neuriva, breaks down what coffee cherry is here. Essentially, the coffee cherry is the skin/rind that houses coffee beans. When the coffee cherry is ripe, it turns red and the coffee bean is extracted while the coffee cherry skin is then used for supplementation.

You might be thinking, so what? Well the reason you want to care is a few reasons. First, the coffee cherry that Neuriva uses is sourced from farms that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. That badass sounding group has standards for environmental, social, & economical sustainability. To me, the more tests that ingredients have to go through, the better.

The second, and most important reason (sorry Rainforest Alliance), is that coffee cherry is linked with an increase in levels of BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. That mouthful of a name is a very important brain protein that is essential for the health of our neurons. In short, it helps keep our brains young and healthy despite us getting older and less sharp.


Besides being a spelling bee championship word, phosphatidylserine is a foundational ingredient in a lot of nootropics, and for good reason. It already lives in high concentrations in our brain and is very important for cognitive function. Studies have shown that as we age we start to lose the amount of phosphatidylserine in our brains and therefore could benefit from supplementation. Like replacing the old bulbs for new ones, phosphatidylserine is there to help keep us brighter, longer.

Neuriva supplement Facts
Neuriva supplement Facts

Neuriva Plus Ingredients:

Neuriva Plus has all the same ingredients as the original formula PLUS (get it) Folate (Vitamin B-9), and vitamins B6 & B12.

Vitamins B9 (folate), B6, & B12

To be honest, I’m not sure why folate is in the formula as an active ingredient. The biggest benefit isn’t even cognitive but rather mood. People with low levels of folic acid (folate) can have an increased risk of depression or be less responsive to antidepressant treatment. If you’re someone who that applies to, I suggest you eat a TON of asparagus with each meal, as those bad boys are PACKED with folate.

Neuriva Plus
Neuriva Plus

Vitamins B6 & B12 are staples for natural energy. For those of you who don’t know, vitamin B6 helps our body convert food into energy for us. It’s also responsible for helping make neurotransmitters in our brain and overall keeping our brain healthy. Generally speaking, people can also be low on their B6 count which is a problem.

B12 is one of those superstar vitamins that carry a whole slew of benefits. Everything from supporting bone health and helping regulate our mood, to helping with red blood cell formation and helping our memory. Again, B12 really shines when we’re deficient or low, which apparently happens to 20% of us according to pub med.

Neurolink Plus Supplement Facts

Benefits (Does It Work?)

After reading the ingredients, you’re probably asking, “well does it work??”.

The short answer is yes and the long answer is maybe

Anecdotally, I felt more of a benefit from the Plus formula than I did the original formula. Schiff Vitamins (the people who make it), says that both formulas fuel “the 5 indicators of brain performance” which are focus, memory, learning, accuracy, & concentration.

I took 2 gummies, which was the serving size, every day for 2 weeks of the original formula first, then the Plus formula. Working from home, I’m pretty much glued to my computer monitor and have the usual home distractions like everyone else, so I can tell when i’m more focused or not.

While taking the original formula I felt “more in the zone” and less willing to give in to the usual distractions than normal. I didn’t have any increased energy outside my usual coffee but felt like I was getting a benefit from it. I should also say I have a pretty large tolerance for supplements (especially caffeine) so I wasn’t expecting lightning in a bottle.

In fact, I believe setting the right expectations for your supplements is the difference between you feeling it’s a success, and feeling it’s a failure.

When you go into taking a supplement thinking it’s going to be the magic energy/brain miracle pill, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Supplements are just that, aids to supplement you in an area.

Schiff actually has a cool app to help you do “brain exercises”. Working on your memory/focus along with supplementing is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Anyway, after 2 weeks of using the original formula, I then started with the Plus formula. The Plus formula has 100mg MORE of the coffee cherry extract along with the aforementioned vitamins. After a few days of taking it, I was noticeably more in tune with what I was doing and being in the moment.

Now I know all about confirmation bias and placebo effects, but to me, if the desired result is being more focused and recalling things better, and if I’m able to do that, I’ll continue to take it – placebo or not.

If you’re also anything like me, you like to hear from more people than just one person. I’ll save you the research time and tell you that across Amazon, Walmart, & Walgreens the original formula had an average rating of 4.1/5 from a combined 276 people (as of the time of this writing). That’s pretty good if you ask me.

The Plus formula did slightly better with an average rating of 4.13/5 from a combined 229 people from Amazon, Walmart, & Walgreens.

Neuriva 5 indicators of brain performance supplement stephen

Who Should Buy It?

As someone who treats their body like a garbage disposal when it comes to supplements, and specifically nootropics, I like the simple approach Neuriva takes. If you’re someone who is new to nootropics and wants to dip your feet into the world of brain aids, I say this is a great product to start. If you’re also someone who knows they’re sensitive to ingredient amounts, I’d say this is for you. The reason being, the amount of the active ingredients is manageable and the ingredients themselves are great “starter” nootropics.

If you’re someone who does hard drugs on the weekends and can chug an energy drink before bed, I would recommend other products to you.

The other reason I suggest this product is that Schiff Vitamins makes it. They’re the same people behind Airborne products and the MegaRed fish oil supplements that are great. Schiff does a great job vetting their products and thoroughly tests them.

Here is the Neuriva original formula you can buy on Amazon

Here is the Neuriva Plus formula that you can buy on Amazon

Who Shouldn’t Buy It

This product is not for people who are veteran nootropic consumers or people with involved supplement stacks. The dosages won’t be high enough for you and assuming you’re downing supplements like it’s going out of style, your goals are different.

Like I said, these products are great for beginners and people with sensitivities to supplements – NOT for people who like to mix and match the whole gambit of supplements.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts on the Neuriva Original formula and Plus formula is that it’s a solid product for the beginners out there. People who want to feel the benefits of nootropics without committing to the more serious ingredient lists.

It’s also reasonably priced as far as nootropics go, is made by a reputable company, and comes in both gummy and pill forms. I personally felt benefits from this product and hundreds of others say the same thing.

Neuriva Original & Pro Formula Supplement Stephen

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