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Welcome to Supplement Stephen! I’m thrilled you’re here and appreciate you taking the time to check out some of my blogs or videos on the different kinds of supplements, vitamins, & superfoods out there.

I started Supplement Stephen because I’m fascinated with the benefits of supplements, vitamins, & superfoods. Ever since my first scoop of pre-workout in high school, I was hooked. Looking back, it’s pretty hilarious to think how taboo I felt supplements were. My friends tried to convince me back then that creatine was a banned substance and that I would get steroid huge taking it. While I wish creataine had dramatic changes like that, it definitely does NOT. Through the years, though, I read, researched, and tried HUNDREDS of products. We all know the supplement industry is infamous for crazy claims and not so crazy effects, but there are many great products out there.

I plan to use this blog to write reviews, recommendations, and give information on all the great products out there. These are some of the subjects I want to cover:

  • Fitness Supplements – pre-workouts, intra-workouts, post workouts, creatines, BCAA, etc.
  • Lifestyle Supplements – Things like CBD, sleep aids, nootropics, etc.
  • Energy Supplements – energy drinks, energy drink mixes, hydration mixes, coffee enhancers, etc.
  • Vitamins – The usual suspects along with some vitamins that you may not think of
  • Superfoods – Acai berry, kale, blueberry, dark chocolate, etc.
  • Accessories – Best water bottles, shaker cups, pill carriers, etc.

Those subjects are approximately what you’ll find on my blog here. I think it’s also important to note that I have certainly been burned in the past by claims that were never met. Some products have made me sick, and there are definitely products on the “never buy again” list. I say all that to say it won’t all be good things said about the different items. After all, let my loss be your gain in the form of entertainment and information. 

Anyway, I won’t take up any more of your time. I appreciate you visiting the site and checking it out. If there is ever a product or comparison you want me to look into and share, I’m happy to hear your request. My contact page is here, or you can email me at


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